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Pearl and Julie Receve NW1

Pearl and Julie got their NW1 on their first try at the NACSW Flinthill K9 Nose Work trial in Hoover, Alabama over Easter Weekend.

Texas ORT

Texas ORT - the first NACSW odor recognition test in Texas was held in Pearland, Texas with 36 dogs enrolling and with 28 dogs passing. Julie had 15 students there with 12 of them passing.

NW1 Class to be offered the Future

Julie just attended a trial prep seminar with foundation CNWI Instructors on Feb. 24th and will be offering this NW1 class in the near future as dogs progress from the ORT just held in Pearland.


Julie Eskoff




Julie Eskoff is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPDT – KA/CNWI).

She is devoted to reward based training. “I encourage pet parents to learn methods that are fun for them and their dog!  Living with dogs requires communication, motivation, time, and leadership. Dogs have a choice, so let’s give them the opportunity to make the correct decision by rewarding behavior we want and ignoring behavior we don’t want. Set your dog up to think, make good choices, and to offer behavior you desire!

Julie’s lifelong background in horsemanship has been invaluable. Schooling and playing with horses created a vast and eclectic tool box for training and communicating with dogs and their pet parents. After teaching full-time for two years at the local PetsMart where over 700 dogs crossed her path, Julie founded Rancho Mondo NW Canine Resource Center in Leander, Texas. RMNW is an intimate hill country outdoor concept she ran with after a 9-month internship with the late Lee Mannix of the Lee Mannix Center for Canine Behavior.

Julie-Love-to-TeachJulie is a professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and an AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluator.

She is currently participating in the instructor program in K9 Nose Work for fun with the program in Los Angeles, California – National Association of Canine Scent Work –  Her devotion to bully breeds including the famed Moby and Pearl has led her to being the trainer for the Pit Crew with Love-A-Bull Inc.

Julie’s approach is successful in treating behavioral and obedience concerns, and each program is customized for each individual dog and family. She offers creative and practical assistance for barking, digging, chewing, jumping, pulling, separation issues, boredom prevention, multiple dog households, dog reactive dogs, car sickness and more.

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At Rancho Mondo we want every dog owner to have a great experience. We offer a FREE 30 minute evaluation by appointment Mon. and or Fridays 2-4p.m.
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Want to know more about Rancho Mondo NW. We have a wide-range of experience at all levels of training to assist you in training your dog(s). View our FAQs to find out what others want to know.

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We believe that high quality of canine care and creating the greatest experience for you and your dog. We have created partnerships to provide you with multiple sources to give your pet the best experiences in life.

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